The technique of compounding medications to meet the unique needs of the indivdual patient is nothing new. In fact, it is the way pharmacy began. It now represents a niche in pharmacy practice, yet it is vitally important to those patients who are not able to get treatment for their medical conditions through commercially available pharmaceuticals.

Medications can be compounded that are dye-free, preservative free or lactose free, are unavailable in the needed dosage form, or are not commericially available at all.

Butte's only compounding pharmacy, we specialize in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, topical pain preparations, veterinary medications, and alternative dosage forms.

Whether you are a physician or patient, if you are in need of a specialized medication, please contact us. We are here to help!
Mining City Compounding Pharmacy
327 1/2 South Excelsior
Butte, MT 5970
ph: 406-565-0800
fax: 406-782-8243
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fax: 406-782-8243
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